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tv   Siouxland News at 10 on KMEG  CBS  December 2, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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those shooter are." "up to 3 people had entered the building opened fire." "they're heavily armed, wearing body armor." "upwards of 14 people that are dead." "they've seen bodies on the floor." "right now we do not know if this is a terrorist incident." "and all of a sudden it got into chois so it was just boom boom boom boom." "... to many shootings." 3 3 two suspects in this country's latest mass shooting are dead.that brings the death toll to at least 17. 3 those two suspects...a man and a woman.. were killed in a shootout with police after their getaway vehicle was tracked down earlier this evening.danielle nottingham has the latest on the search for a third suspect... and the killing ree they committed. 3 police say two suspects - a man and a woman - were killed in a violent gun battle with officers less than two miles from where they allegedly massacred 14 people in san bernardino. as part of the investigation, police were watching a residence and then spotted the suspects' vehicle. "they were dressed in assault
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the best way to term it. there were both armed with assault rifles, they wewee both armed with handguns."(sot all of a sudden, it was like boom, boom, boom, boom)hours earliergunfire had erupted inside the inland regional center - 60 miles east of los angeles. police say the suspects walked into the social services building wednesday morning where a holiday luncheon was underway. they came prepared to do what they did, as if they were on a mission.workers locked themselves in offices and sent texts. others called loved ones. i told them to hunker down and make sure their phones were off. don't make noise and hide under the desk emergency workers turned an intersection into a triage area to treat the injured.she called text and said she was cold. she was shot in her side. this is the 7th mass shooting in the united states within the past 5 months.the mass shooting forced president obama to once again call on congress to address gun control.we should come together at every level of the
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rare as a opposed to normal. police are still working to clear the social services building where at least one explosive device was found. danielle nottingham, cbs news, san bernardino, california. 3 the shootigs in california also making waves already on capitol hill. we continue our coverage tonight with reaction from's our national correspondent kristine frazao on capitol hill 3 kristine frazao on cam president obama has already been briefed on the situation by a homeland security advisor and will be kept up to date on the matter. it will be several hours and perhaps even days before all the pieces of this are put together but we are told both the f-b-i and a-t-f agents were on the scene as well as a bomb squad.president obama did give his reaction to this in an interview with cbs news:obama: my hope is we are able to contain this particular shooting and we don't yet know what the motives of the shooter are,
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we can take to make americans safermeanwhile lawmakers on capitol hill have been following the news as well and were quick to offer their condolencesrep. will hurd/ r-texas my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of those who lost someone in the shooting and to those that are are injured, losing a loved one is a difficult thing. rep. beto o'rourke/d-texas there have been so many condolences offered to so many shootings i can only imagine what the victcts have gone through, what there families are enduring rep. bradley byrne/r-alabama"in the immedie aftermath of a shooting, it is not unusual for there to be some confusion as to what happened, let's wait and get the facts and see what actually did happen and then we can make some more reasoned approach to what need to happen going forward." former congresswoman gabrielle giffords - herself a victim of gun violenen - took to twitter calling ththlatest shooting news"on cam kristine frazao certainly a lot of emomoon san bernardino. here in washington with some clashing ideas about gun control. we expect this will reignite the debate here once againon capitol hill i'm kristine frazao. 3 police here in siouxland think they've caught the man behind tuesday morning's robbery of
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store.25- year- old mykel booth from atlanta, georgia was arrested earlier today.he's charged with 1st degree robbery, aggravated assault, grand theft and commission of a felony while armed with a firearm.police say he's the man that went into the store on river drive... fired a gun to scare the workers... then made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.booth is currently being held without bail in the minnehaha county jail 3 3 police in clay county south dakota are offering a reward for information in the murder investigation of a sioux city woman earlier this year.29- year- old alicia hummel's body was found at the myron grove boat dock near vermillion on june autopsy found she died of blunt force trauma to the head... and that her throat had been, a 5- thousand dollar reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of her killer.the clay county sheriff's office is asking anyone with ininrmation on this case to call them directly. 3 the parents of a former sergeant bluff luton first grader have filed a federal lawsuit alleging the special
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teacher.siouxland news reporter jaclyn driscoll has more on this story. 3 kevin and suzanne gosch claim special ed teacher miranda riediger (ride-ig'-gur) dragged their child across a carpet causing rug burns to his s ck and shoulders.they'r'r suing her... the principal.. and the district... for inflicting harm on the 9 year old who's been diagnosed with autism and epilepsy.according to court documents, on the morning of january 30, 20-14, the minor left his desk and laid on the floor and "began kicking his legs and moving his hands in the air" but did not make physical contaa with students or r staff. when the minor would not return to his desk after being asked, the special education teacher grabbed the student "by the wrists and/or legs" and drug him across the carpeted classroom floor. the minor "cried out in pain, 'stop, my back!'" the teacher stopped. upon inspection of the minor's back, injuries on his right and left shoulder blades and the middle of his back were found. parents of the student, filed a report with the sergeant bluff police
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police, who is also the sblcsd resource officer, followed up with the parents, but according to court documents "was already proclaiming the teacher's innocence despite the fact that an investigation of the incident had yet to be conducted." he also referred to the minor as a "handful" and said he "was like an 800 pound gorilla." after the parents filed a complaint with the iowa department of education, the teacher was investigated and founded for level 1 allegations of abuse. according to the administrative code, "a teacher under investigation for physical abuse must be placed on administrative leave when the level 1 investigation is 'founded.'" the district failed to do this. according to the district website, both employees are still employed at this time. the minor is currently being treated at siouxland mental health because of "serious emotional distress and suffering in the days and weeks following the incident." the minor and his parents are seeking compensation bfor the injuries and damages inflicted, awell as attorneys' fees and punitive damages."it was filed in federal court. we will be serving the lawsuit on the
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week or so. they have 20 days, i believe, to answer. then we proceed with the discovery process. in federal court we're usually looking at a ial maybe a year to a year and a half from now."siouxland news contacted rod earleywine, superintendent of sergeant bluff-luton community school district, who did not have a comment at this time. whether or not the employees lose their job, is up to the district, but not something the plaintiffs are seeking at this time. "we're very limited what we can ask for in these types of cases. civil lawsuits come down to one thing and that's holding people acacuntable d making them pay for whatever damages they've caused." the minor is now enrolled at an out-of- district far the s-b-l school district has had no comment. but may provide one in the next 3 to 4 weeks after reviewing the lawsuit. 3
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dominate the area. afternoon temperatures will slowly be warming up over the next few days with highs getting into the lower 40s by friday. cloud cover is due to come back over the weekend, but things will stay quiet and dry for the next several days.>> 3 3 a group of concerned iowans continues push for action against so- called "puppy mills" in the state.tonight in le mars... the "iowa friends of companion animals" held a public meeting on the welfare of animals in iowa breeding facilities.they showed a presentation on where the animals were held and how they were treated. their goal
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dog breeders in the state. 3 "well it is always impopoant to get out to the public. makeke awareness for the issue, teach people what puppy mills are, teach people what the issues with them, show them images of the facilities that are in the state of iowa, as well as letting them know that we are working towards improving the situation."after the presentation a q and a session was held to discuss problems and courses of action. 3 3 the athletes attending this year's n-a-i-a nanaonal volleyball tournament in sioux city are sharing their love of the game.this morning the players took part in a clinic for special olympic athletes. more than 75 special olympians took part in the event... which was moved to today because of monday's snow storm.the special olympic clinic was sponsored by thompson dean drug. 3 3 still to come tonight on siouxland news at ten... 3 what one nebraska state lawmaker is doing to try and convince his co-workers in lincoln to legalize medical
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3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris neyenhouse/"
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3 3 3 chad, diana a and larrrrtalk about today's weather ananthe upcoming forecast. 3
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dominate the area. afternoon temperatures will slowly be warming up over the next few days with highs getting into the lower 40s by friday. cloud cover is due to come back over the weekend, but things will stay quiet and dry for the
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3 3 we are exactly 60 days left until the iowa caucuses, candidates from both parties 3 3 we've got the latest from the campaign trail... coming up
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3 presidential candidate mike huckabee appeared in onawa today at the monona county veterans memorial museum. 3 he spoke to a crowd of about 20 people about his experience as governor of arkansas... and how it makes him the best candidate. he said he didn't like president obama apologizing for america's prosperity in paris, saying he would rather spend time fighting isis instead of climate change. 3 "everyone who is willing to work with us, to destroy the malignant cancer of radical islam, we should patner with. and whether that is other middle eastern gulf state nations, which it should be; whether it is nato nations,
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"he also addressed t t issues of immigration, taxes, andndhe size of the federal government. huckabee also vowed to end obamacare and work more toward preventing cancer, heart disease, alzheimer's, and diabetes. 3 3 a nebraska lawmaker is working to make medical cannabis legal in the state.state senator tommy garrett is touring the state after a recent trip to minnesota to investigate that state's cannabis oil laws. today, he brought that tour to dakota c cy... along g th the milies of some patients who could benefit from legal cannabis. 3 "telling them to move out of the state, that's not an option. telling them to break the law and to self-medicate, that's not an option either. there are a lot of people who are self-medicating, and that's not right we're forcing them to break the law just so they can have some quality of life."garret says the issue is important because some sick nebraskans don't really have any other opopons. 3 3 have you ever considered that how fast you *walk* could be a
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3 coming up after the break in tonight's healthwatch... we'll tell you about a new study that says there's a link *between* your walking speed and your risk of alzheimer's. 3 hello. i'm mark hyman.last year, chicago police responded to a report of attempted car break-ins. 17-year old laquan mcdonald was fatally shot. there are no reports that officer jason van dyke -- who allegedly shot mcdonald 16 times -- was ever disciplined. seven police officers witnessed what happened. officers allegedly erased about 90 minutes of outdoor surveillanan video that captured the shooting. president barack obama -- who is quick to react when a white officer kills a black man -- was uncharacteristically silent. no orders for a justice department investigation. no federal probe.after losing a foia lawsuit, chicago released police dashcam video under a judge's order. it's too
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entirety. even after he was gunned down, someone continued firing at mcdonald's body. hours before the court-ordered video release, officer van dyke was charged with murder. thirteen months after mcdonald's's easy to conclude the officer may have never been charged if the video remained hidden from public scrutiny. audio is missing from the two dadacams that captured the shooting. a glitch, police officials suggest.after the shooting, the city paid mcdonald's family five million dollars. hush money, some argue.but why cover-up this shooting? consider this. mayor rahm emanuel was locked in a close reelection rara where the black vovo could decide the's easy to see why people label chicago a corrupt and crooked city. to comment, go to behind the headlines dot
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3 new research finds a connection between slower walking speeds in the elderly and alzheimer's disease. 3 kenneth craig reports from new york. 3 (narr 1)anne and dave longworth love to take brisk walks. (sot) (dave longworth, walker)"we walk 30 minutes a day, at least."(narr 2)it's rt of their daily roroine, ananthey're wewe aware e its health benefits. (sot) (anne longworth, walker)"i'll be 65 in may. walking is supposed to good for your heart. it's good
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3)a new study shows how fast elderly people walk. could be related to alzheimer's disease. (sot - thomas wisniewski, md, director, nyu langone center for cognitive neurology)"this study builds on existing data that it pays to be fit."(narr 4)the study - published in the journal neurology - found a connection between *slow* walking speed in the elderly and the amount of amyloid protein built up in their brains. that build-up has been associated with the development of alzheimer's. researchers say a slow gait could signal the possibility of alzheimer's .. before people show clinical symptoms. but doctor thomas (veesh- net-ski)from nyu langone medidil center says don't be alarmed if y y walk slowly. (sot - doc thomas wisniewski, md, director, nyu langone cognitive "there are so many causes of being a slow walker which really have nothing to do with brain function."(narr 5)anne worries she could develop alzheimer's because both her parents had dementia. but so far, she and her kenneth: "and so you're going to keep it up?" anne: "definitely."kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. 3
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were in action on the volleyball *and* basketball court. see if they picked up a pair of victories. 3 and the defending national champion morningside lady mustangs haven't lost this season. but northwestern was leading late in their game. see if the red raiders pulled it off. chris is next with sports.
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3 3 the undefeated ladies of morningside's number one ranked basketball team only lost one game last season en route to another national championship for the program. their opponent northwestern already has 3 losses on the young season but came to sioux city on a three game winning streak and received votes in the lates naia top 25 poll. they're gonna get more after tonight.#21 is jessica tietz who entered the night 25 points shof a thousand in her morningside career! finished with 18 though just shy.1) 3rd quarter now we are tied at 31 with the shot clock winding down kassidy de yong's three ball is short but haley birks is there to clean it up. it's 34-312) back come the
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the smooth moves. her up and under cuts the red raider lead to one. 3) ensuing red raider posession claudia larsen finds renee maneman for the shot! 's good! it's 38-35 northwestern.4) later in the quarter northwestern's got a five point lead. make that a two point lead! taylor bahenski's triple is good!5) under 30 seconds in the game morningside needs two quick scores. but ackerman's shot is no good. northwestern scores the big upset! 72-65 the final. heac coach chris yaw how did your red raiders do it? 3 "well it's just you've got to persevere. there's going to be ups and downs. there's going to be runs by them. runs by us. you've just got to do it one posession at a time. and just keep fighing. they're a really good basketball team. so i'm just proud of our girls. kept fighting and punching. . whethehewe're knocked down or tied we just kept playing." 3 more women's basketball dordt hosting dakota wesleyan! 1.
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dordt's abby chapman with the drive and the nice layup. defenders trail three to two. 2. still in the first.. dordt's paige engbers hits the three. dordt goes up five to three overerakota wesleyan.3. dordt now w down seven to five.. cassidy vredevoogd misses the layup but mycah hulst is there to follow up. game tied at seven.4. move ahead to the end of the first quarter and alissa pollema with the steal and the layup. dordt down twenty three to fifteen.5. than abby chapman hits the three at the buzzer.. 3 dordt trails after the first quarter twenty-three to eighteen and...they fall 93-65 3 alright on the men's side northwestern and morningside meeting up in sioux city.1. early in the first half.. northwestern's nathan wedel with the nice move and the layup. . red raiders up two to nothing.2. northwestern's t-j buyert steps back and hits the
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nothing.3. later in the first.. morningside's bryce koch with the layup.. mustangs trail seven to four.4. northwestern comes right back and . jordan baker hits wedel cutting across the lane.. hoop and the harm. free throw was good.. red raiders up ten to four.5. later in the half.. northwestern's taylor francis misses the shot but wedel skys above the rim for the tip in.. northwestern up thirty-six to twenty-four.6. right at the end of the first half.. nortwestern's isaiah taylor hits the three. to put the red raiders up big at the half fifty to thirty-four and.. northwestern would go on to win 90-74. 3 dordt and viterbo squaring off in the tyson event center in day two of naia pool play.1) first set it's 10-8 viterbo. off the viterbo serve. this is some goooosetting ananthis is some good killing by jenna horstman! defenders down 1.2) off another viterbo ser this is another nice set up this time for orange city's own
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11-10.3) then haley moss gets into the action with the throwdown! still down one though 12-11.4) later in the set dordt down 21-17 thatats a blococparty at thehenet! that't' horstman again!but dordt would lose the first set 25-18 and they fall 3 sets to 2. 3 briar cliff and eastern oregon in their second day at the naia tournament!1) no score to start things off let's change that! toni beck gets us starte it's 1-0!2) a couple hits later we are tied at 1 ... no longer it's beck again going sky high. 2-1 chargers.3) later briar cliff down 4-3 and that is a lefty slam from katelin langel. we@are tied! 4) and then more power to the lefties! this is dani helland with the perfect serve that comes up aces!5) now the score is tied at 5 when nicolett lovulo finds the whole in the defense. 6-5 at that point.6)
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7-5 with that sweet stuff f the net.briar cliff goes on to fall in the first set 25-21 ... but they have come back to force a fifth set but then lose 15-11 in that final set. 3 3 men's basketball wayne state fals to south dakota state 80-53. and dordt with a big win over dakota wesleyan 78- 3 3 3
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3 3 that's all our time for now.3 siouxland nene at sunrise
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